Darwin and innovation
Darwin and innovation

darwin innovation

One of the first ideas when thinking on innovation might be that “there is something new”. What becomes really interesting is that despite if an innovation is developed as creative act or a result of a combination of other things, the success of the innovation will be determined by its environment. So probably the question beneath an innovation process should focused on the how it can selected by the environment.

Before entering into a formal discussion on Darwinism and innovation, let me first bring into consideration few concept that might be helpful when approaching to the interpretation of the topics. First of all let me begin with evolution. For wikipedia, evolution (in biology) is the change in the inherited traits of a population of organism through successive generations. So if we consider successful inherited trait and adaptation, we can consider evolution as a change (increase) of adaptations [1] . In same order of ideas, we can think of an adaptation as an increase in knowledge [2].


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